Electric Bikes by VOLT Transforming Michelin Star Chef’s Commute

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Chef Asimakis Chaniotis with Volt Burlington

In the fast-paced world of Michelin-star chefs, every moment counts. For Chef Asimakis Chaniotis, the journey from home to the prestigious Pied à Terre restaurant in Fitzrovia, London was not just a commute—it was a daily uphill battle! That’s until he discovered the game-changing world of electric bikes, specifically the low-step classic VOLT Burlington ebike.

A Commute Transformed: The VOLT Experience

Born and raised in Athens, Chef Asimakis Chaniotis has always been passionate about two things: food and art. His culinary journey has taken him from the kitchens of hotels and fine dining establishments to the decks of private yachts, but it wasn’t until he found himself at the helm of Pied à Terre that he truly embraced the precision and artistry of French cuisine.

However, the uphill trek from his home in Highgate to the restaurant in Fitzrovia posed a daily challenge. That’s where VOLT Bikes stepped in, providing Chef Chaniotis with an electric bicycle that not only made his commute a breeze but also aligned with his commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability in Every Pedal Stroke

Chefs, by nature, are champions of sustainability. They source the freshest organic ingredients, support local farmers, and strive to minimise their environmental footprint. Chef Chaniotis, a firm believer in the impact of sustainability on ingredient quality, found a kindred spirit in our Burlington.

The e-bike not only reduced his carbon footprint but also aligned with the ethos of his culinary creations. The near-silent power of the electric motor became a metaphor for the subtle but powerful impact chefs can have on the environment.

Inspiring a Culinary Revolution on Two Wheels

Chef Chaniotis is not keeping this transformation to himself. He envisions a culinary community where more chefs embrace electric cycles, not just for their daily commutes but as symbols of a sustainable lifestyle. The kitchen, he believes, should extend beyond the restaurant doors, influencing not only the staff but also the patrons.

As the first Greek chef awarded a Michelin star outside his country and the youngest in London, he recognizes the influence he wields. Now, as the Executive Chef at Pied à Terre, he hopes to set an example for his team and inspire a broader movement within the culinary world.

Chef Asimakis Chaniotis with Volt Burlington

A Fleet of Elegance: Chef Raymond Blanc’s Commitment to Sustainability

Chef Raymond Blanc, another luminary in the world of Michelin stars, has taken the commitment to sustainability a step further. Known for his nose-to-tail approach to food, ensuring no produce goes to waste, Blanc has embraced the elegance and efficiency of VOLT Kensington Dutch-style e-bikes. Incorporating a fleet of Kensingstons at his 5-star hotel Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. These stunning e-cycles are now available for his guests, providing them with a sustainable and stylish means of transportation around Oxfordshire.

Adjacent to his manor, Chef Raymond Blanc maintains on-site gardens featuring up to 90 different herbs, fruits, and vegetables, as well as orchards producing fresh food used in the inspirational dishes on his menu. The addition of the electric bikes is the cherry on top, proving that sustainability isn’t just a philosophy for Blanc; it’s a way of life.

The Road Ahead: A Greener Culinary Future

With #Cook_Love, a street food concept born out of passion, and the Chef’s Table by Asimakis, where he personally crafts unforgettable dining experiences, Chef Chaniotis is already pushing culinary boundaries. Now, with VOLT Bikes by his side and the endorsement of Chef Blanc, they are extending this commitment to excellence to the streets.

A culinary revolution on two wheels, fueled by sustainability and a commitment to a greener lifestyle, is on the horizon. As Chef Chaniotis and Chef Blanc continue to raise the bar in the kitchen, their journey on electric bikes serves as a reminder that small choices can lead to significant change. The road to sustainable culinary excellence begins with a simple pedal stroke.

Over to You… 

Of course, you don’t have to be a Michelin-starred chef to make an impact or even ride in style.

The VOLT ebike range offers something for everyone, with a range of payment options including all major Cycle to Work partners, 0% finance and our new Subscription Service. And if you book a test ride at our new London Bridge Showroom we’ll give you a complimentary, Michelin-worthy flat white (or whatever hot drink you fancy) afterwards in our freshly launched Cafe VOLT