Finding & Cycling Green Spaces in the City

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In recent years our once smog-covered cities have become more focussed on health, wellbeing and being environmentally conscious. More and more initiatives on commuting and getting more active in general are being successfully rolled out in cities up and down the UK. Campaigns like Bristol’s “#Do1Thing” not only raise awareness but can change people’s lives for the better.

Now with a global pandemic disrupting much of our day to day living, city dwellers are not only looking for greener, healthier choices but for safer ones too. Cycling is one way to embrace all of this. 

Escaping the concrete and tarmac isn’t always as easy as you may think. So we’ve listed some of the best green spaces to cycle your Volt E-bike across some of the UK’s biggest cities… 

London: Richmond Park

Richmond Park was created by Charles I as a deer park. You can still see an abundance of deer there today, along with some stunning views over England’s capital city. The road that loops this historic parkland is 7.5 miles long with plenty of hills to test out your pedal-assist system! The park authorities have also started introducing traffic reducing measures for cars, so there’s never been a better time to cycle this iconic part of the capital! 

Cardiff: Bute Park

Enjoy 130 acres of exquisitely and expertly landscaped gardens and greenery. With parts landscaped by no other than ‘Capability’ Brown himself! Take in the banks of the River Taff on the national cycle route that connects with a designated cycle path leading in and out of the city centre. The perfect spot for getting some fresh air and connecting with nature! 

Edinburgh: Holyrood Park

Not many cities can boast a local park that’s seen human activity as far back as 5000BC and features the remnants of a volcano! Take in the city skyline while surrounded by dramatic hills and crags in an environment filled with nature and steeped in history. 

Belfast: Lagan Valley Regional Park

This area of outstanding beauty is part of, and accessible through, the Lagan and Lough National Cycle Way. This green cycleway connects Belfast, Lisburn, Lagan Valley and Jordanstown. Ancient woodlands, meadows and riverside views offer great habitats for a diverse range of wildlife. With easy and accessible cycle paths, it’s the perfect spot to get your nature fix! 

Other Cities… 

Birmingham: Sutton Park

Five different trees in one shot” by raider of gin / CC BY 2.0

Birmingham boasts a staggering 17 Green Flag awarded parks. With 2,400 acres of green space, 7 lakes and a plethora of designated cycle routes, Sutton Park is a place you’ll never tire of cycling in. With a broad mix of natural habitat including woods, lakes and heathland, cycling here guarantees a strong hit of biophilia!

Manchester: Bridgewater Way

Follow the banks of the historic Bridgewater Canal. A new regeneration project has seen vast improvements to the towpaths and helped better connect the communities around the Trafford area. What could be more relaxing than cycling alongside the slow-moving waters of this city’s iconic canal?

Leeds: Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Saltaire” by Tim Green / CC BY 2.0

Another famous canal that offers a variety of environments, scenery, nature and architecture. Take care if you’re riding a Volt E-bike though, as you may find yourself in Liverpool before you know it!!!

Liverpool: Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Same as above but in the other direction! :D

Glasgow: Pollock Park 

Enjoy “Britain’s Best Park 2007” and “Best Park in Europe, 2008”. Glasgow’s largest park offers a great introduction to off-road cycling with four different tracks from easy to severe. Enjoy the heady mix of adrenaline and the outdoors as you rush past the greenery on two wheels!
Check out the routes here:

This is just a snapshot of the places you can enjoy. Whether you’re in the thick of the city or in the suburbs, there are lots of inspiring places to absorb nature on an electric bike. From local parks to canal towpaths, you can find more resources on your local council’s website or the National Cycle Network website. Why not take a look at our Volt on the Road gallery for inspiration from other Volt customers?!