Bristol Live Trusts E-bikes to Save the Planet

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Bristol Live #Do1Thing

By general consensus, 2019 became the year when awareness of climate change leapt into the mainstream. It’s uplifting to see how people are raising their game in the fight against climate change in 2020. We were excited to hear about how news website and publisher Bristol Live has started the #Do1Thing campaign.  

The initiative promotes ways in which we can all contribute, and reporter Emma Grimshaw writes this week how helping the planet can also improve our everyday life.

The easiest solution, to both our traffic and our pollution problem, is for everyone to ditch their cars and start using alternative methods of getting around.

Like Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees, Emma has embraced cycling for her commute. Despite enjoying riding on pushbikes, the ”relentless” hills of Bristol made this option difficult. Now, having tried the Volt Kensington, she says “I never want to travel on anything else”.

During her time with the Volt e-bike, she was able to get to work quicker than by bus and around the same time as by car. Plus, the comfort of the experience also proved to be unmatched.

With its padded brown seat and high handlebars, the model felt like the Rolls-Royce of the biking world to ride.

She describes how the electric bike “took all of the worst parts out of cycling”, like cycling up hills, and allowed her to enjoy the ride.

As a final appeal, Emma ends her article by exhorting people to join the #Do1Thing campaign and to try cycling on the commute to work as an easy, active and also enjoyable way to do their bit for the planet.

We wholly recommend reading Emma’s article here.

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