Some Inspiration for an Interesting Start to 2021

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Peter Taylor with Burlington Ebike

Well, it’s not the start to 2021 any of us wanted, but as with the previous lockdowns, the staff here at Volt are working hard and safely to help our customers and key workers as the UK begins another tricky period in this pandemic. If you are wanting to contact or visit during this time please take a moment to read our updated (5th Jan 2021) advice on our COVID-19 page here.

To feature in our special edition blog post send us your lockdown story and/or photos (or video!) to [email protected]

We know from your emails and correspondence that our e-bikes have helped many of you in these unprecedented times. Seeing your photos in Volt on the Road and your comments on our Facebook page really go a long way in keeping us motivated! 💪

One great example is a letter we got from Peter Taylor who used his Burlington to get through the initial lockdown. Peter writes:

“My Burlington has been a stalwart during the lockdown and has also had its first service.

I have 2 main routes that I regularly ride both designed to be remote from people and cars.  We need much more investment in proper cycle path provision. 

My favourite route takes me up and down some quite steep hills so it is good exercise and the reward is the solitude of the countryside and its human battery recharging vistas and smells.  Here’s a picture of what I think is almost the perfect oak tree on my ride.

Oak Tree by the Road

My second route is all off-road but with more people traffic to avoid. I have had many appreciative comments.

For someone who still suffers the effect of an earlier virus (Polio) getting out and about with the assistance of electricity has been a relief and a delight during this pandemic.”

We can’t overstate the positivity and enthusiasm that spreads around the office when we hear stories like Peter’s. It’s what lifts us going on the tough days. 

If you’d like to share how you’ve been using your volt during the pandemic we’d love to hear it. You can get in touch via our contact page.