The Electric Bike Revolution Continues: Sunbelt Rentals UK

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Powering Sustainable Mobility with a Powerful Partnership

If you’ve been to a construction site, industrial park, festival or even the G7 summit, chances are you may have seen our green and yellow-clad e-bikes. Though you won’t find this particular colour scheme on our electric bike range page, you will find our Burlington rebranded and part of Sunbelt Rentals’ extensive range.

The prominent equipment rental company operates in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. They offer a vast range of equipment and services to various industries, including construction, infrastructure, industrial, government, and events. 

Green in colour, green in their unwavering commitment to finding sustainable solutions. Solutions that contribute to cleaner air and a greener future. As a leading provider of rental equipment, they are also committed to making a positive impact through their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Our Planet strategy. Recognising the importance of reducing their environmental impact while ensuring efficient operations is central to their ethos. And that’s how the Volt Bikes x Sunbelt Rentals ebike fleet was born. Offering a sustainable alternative for travelling around sites and events, promoting a cleaner way of transportation.

Promoting Cleaner Air and Sustainable Mobility:

Air pollution continues to be a pressing national and global concern, and the transportation sector plays a significant role in contributing to harmful emissions.  

Incorporating our Burlington ebikes into their fleet, provides an eco-friendly mobility solution that reduces emissions and promotes cleaner air for all.

Benefits of Volt electric bikes for Sunbelt Rentals UK:

  1. Greener Alternative: Volt eBikes are powered by rechargeable batteries, significantly reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and cutting down on harmful exhaust emissions. By choosing electric bikes, they are actively reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.
  1. Efficient Site Navigation: With an extensive fleet of rental equipment often deployed across large sites and events. With our reliable electric bikes, team members can easily manoeuvre through these locations, quickly accessing different areas without relying on traditional vehicles. This increased mobility enhances efficiency and streamlines operations, ensuring a seamless experience.
  1. Cost-Effective Solution: In addition to the environmental benefits, the utilisation of ebikes offers cost savings for both Sunbelt and their customers. Compared to conventional vehicles, they have lower operating and maintenance costs, allowing the provision of more cost-effective rental solutions without compromising on quality or service.
  1. Promoting Safety and Awareness: Safety is the top priority at Sunbelt Rentals UK. Before implementing the use of Volt electric bikes, a thorough assessment was carried out to ensure suitability and robust safety measures. They also prioritise educating team members on safe riding practices, promoting awareness and a culture of safety among their staff.

The collaboration between Volt Bikes & Sunbelt Rentals serves as an inspiring example for businesses across various industries. By integrating sustainable mobility solutions like Volt eBikes, Sunbelt Rentals UK is actively working towards promoting cleaner air and greener practices. This partnership showcases the immense potential for businesses to make a positive environmental impact without compromising operational efficiency or customer satisfaction.

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