E-Adventures of The Wobbly Cyclist with CycleChic & VOLT

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The Wobbly Cyclist on her Volt Pulse LS

New She’s Electric Role Model Rides a Volt Ebike

At VOLT Electric Bikes, we are thrilled to partner with CycleChic (a leading online retailer of stylish cycling accessories), in celebrating the incredible journey of Karen Cox aka The Wobbly Cyclist. Karen is a VOLT and CycleChic ambassador & role model for their “She’s Electric” Campaign. Karen’s inspiring story, beautifully captured in a recent blog post on the Cyclechic website, showcases the transformative power of electric bikes and our shared mission to empower more women to embrace cycling. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey filled with style, empowerment, and electric adventures alongside CycleChic and the extraordinary Karen Cox, riding her VOLT Pulse LS.

Karen’s story goes far beyond inspiration, and it resonates perfectly with Mental Health Awareness Week. Despite various conditions affecting her mobility and a recent diagnosis of autism and ADHD, Karen’s discovery of ebikes enabled her to regain her freedom. Her determination knows no bounds, as she has even learned how to fly a plane! Through her beloved Facebook page, @thewobblycyclist, Karen has become a recognized cycling influencer, inspiring others with her “can-do” attitude, winning public admiration and inspiring others both with disabilities and without!

We are delighted to partner with CycleChic and share Karen’s story. Together, we celebrate her incredible journey with her cherished VOLT Pulse e-bike, accompanied by her trusted panniers. Get ready to be inspired. 

Karen will also be embarking on a remarkable 100km cycling journey from Cairngorm ski centre to Windswept Brewing in Lossiemouth as part of the Cairngorm to Coast ride with Outfit Moray on 27th May. If you would like to support Karen head over to her GoFundMe page. 

Thank you, CycleChic and Karen, for being valued partners and advocates for empowering more individuals to embrace the joy of cycling.

For a limited time, you can also support this project and also get a £5 discount by following this link to the Cyclechic store.