Volt Owner Reaches New Limits on E-bike

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Jamie and Volt Alpine

Happy Customer Jamie Walden shares his Journey with his VOLT Alpine

During the challenging lockdown period in 2020, Jamie embarked on a quest to find the perfect ebike. After extensive research, Jamie’s quest led him to discover VOLT. In this blog post Jamie kindly shares with us his journey for adventure and praise of his VOLT Alpine. 

What began as thoughts of easy casual rides exploring the bridlepaths and canal towpaths near his home, quickly changed when Jamie discovered the Alpine’s exceptional performance and capabilities.  The bike was so good Jamie wanted to cover more ground and explore more challenging terrain – the open roads. With the wonderful assistance of Terry at Jardine Cycles, Jamie’s VOLT Alpine underwent some modifications incorporating a new seat, mudguards, and road tires. 

my wife always comments that my spirits have visibly lifted when I get back from a bike ride

Jamie quickly found himself pushing his limits and achieving new milestones. With the exceptional handling of the bike Jamie was riding an impressive 30 miles per day forging those unforgettable experiences. Jamie’s enjoyment garnered praise not only from him himself but also from his wife, who commented that his spirits were visibly lifted when he returned from his bike rides. 

Now standing at an awe-inspiring 10,000 miles, Jamie reflects on his journey so far by sharing some captivating photos of his adventures with his much-loved VOLT Alpine. We are sure he will be covering another 10,000 miles in no time at all. 

Jamie attributes a significant part of his cycling success to the exceptional support provided by Terry and Conrad at Jardine Cycles. From the very beginning, their dedication and professionalism shone through, ensuring that Jamie’s VOLT Alpine always felt like new. Their commitment to going above and beyond left a lasting impression leading him to commend their outstanding service and expertise.

Overwhelmed by the bike’s reliability, Jamie proudly endorses VOLT and expresses his unwavering confidence in recommending our bikes to fellow cycling enthusiasts. His heartfelt gratitude extends to the entire VOLT team for creating a product that has brought him immeasurable joy and fulfilment.

Jamie’s story embodies the transformative power of cycling and the exceptional capabilities of our VOLT bikes. We extend our deepest gratitude to Jamie for sharing his experiences, and we are honoured to have played a part in his cycling journey.