E-bikes Officially Identified as a Brit Spending Habit

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Volt Kensington in Borough Market

Catching up on the latest news, we are thrilled to be a part of the new British inflation basket. It’s a fact, the Office for National Statistics 📈 (ONS) has now included electric bikes, along with frozen berries 🫐 green beans, soundbars, security cameras, etc. as part of the UK’s spending habits, in recognition of the growing popularity of these items.

Quoting the ONS about ebikes: “Possibly reflecting a combination of environmental and fitness reasons, and rising alternative transport costs” reflects a great behaviour change. We couldn’t agree more that ebikes are an environmentally friendly 🌍 and cost-effective alternative to traditional modes of transportation, they offer numerous benefits, including reducing air pollution, reducing traffic congestion, improving physical fitness, and promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

Such news is highlighting the Brits to be more health-environment conscious! “Frozen Berries” and “Green Beans” as they call them Superfood 🦸🏻 packed up with nutrients, vitamins and goodness… 

We hope that this recognition will encourage more people to consider electric bikes as a viable and sustainable mode of transportation. Moreover, it’s never been so easy to access and afford ebikes 💸 for example Volt has over 100 dealers all over the UK so it is easy to find a bike to test ride near you, Volt also accepts all Cycle to Work schemes (Vivup, Cycle Solutions, CyclePlus, Cycle2Work vouchers from Halfords, Green Commute, CycleScheme, Caboodle, etc.) and offers monthly subscriptions or Finance with V12. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the growth of the UK’s economy.

Mike Hardie, the ONS deputy director of price transformation, said: “With many people looking to reduce their impact on the environment, we have also introduced e-bikes, whose popularity has risen significantly in recent years.”

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