VOLT Bikes & Bicycle Film Festival, London 2023

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Bicycle Film Festival Illustration

Celebrating Cycling Culture

The Bicycle Film Festival is returning to London, showcasing over 35 films curated into four international short film programs. We’re proud to support this event, which celebrates the art, sport, and lifestyle of cycling.

Empowering the Cycling Community: VOLT Bikes, a leading electric bike manufacturer, stands behind the festival’s mission of promoting cycling culture and sustainable transportation solutions. By promoting the BFF London, VOLT aims to inspire individuals to embrace cycling and greener forms of transportation.

The festival offers valet bike parking, encouraging attendees to cycle to the event and reducing carbon emissions. This convenient service reflects the festival’s commitment to creating a bike-friendly experience for all.

Exciting Film Programs: The festival presents an exciting lineup of programs that cater to diverse cycling enthusiasts:

Wednesday, 19 July

  • 19.00: PROGRAM 1: Adventure (short films) takes you on a global journey, exploring gravel, mountain biking, bikepacking, and ultra-endurance cycling.
  • 21.00: PROGRAM 2: Cycle Sport (short films), hosted by Rapha, celebrates the sport of cycling, featuring Women’s Paris Roubaix race, gravel racers in East Africa, and stars like Kasia Niewiadoma, Justin & Corey Williams.

Thursday, 20 July:

  • 19.00: PROGRAM 3: Cinematic (short films) offers a diverse range of film-making styles, including narratives, documentaries, music-driven pieces, animations, and more. Oscar-nominated and award-winning shorts share the spotlight with emerging talents.
  • 21.00: PROGRAM 4: Urban Bike (short films) captures the vibrant spirit of street, youth, fixed gear, BMX, bikelife, and messenger cultures from passionate cyclists in cities around the world. This program is a beloved tradition at the BFF.

Join VOLT in supporting the Bicycle Film Festival in London 2023, where cycling enthusiasts come together to celebrate the joy and excitement of biking. Experience the art, sport, and culture of cycling while embracing a greener future. Secure your tickets and learn more at the official Bicycle Film Festival website. Let’s pedal towards a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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