Dealer Spotlight: Shetland Community Bike Project

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A Shetland Community Bike Project staff member services a bike

A Bike Shop With a Difference

The Shetland Community Bike Project offers stellar bikes and repairs, but that’s not all that sets this Scottish shop apart. Since 1999, SCBP has hired young people who may otherwise struggle to find employment, equipping them with the bike knowledge and skills that keep the shop going.

We’re honoured to partner with this unique project, and we decided to learn a bit more about what makes them one of a kind…

  1. What motivated you to open/run a bicycle shop?
    The Shetland Community Bike Project was set up to provide an activity for people with barriers to employment. I have been in this job for 19 years. I got the job because of having a good knowledge of selling and repairing bicycles. I was previously a partner in a cycle shop and have many years’ experience.
  2. What makes your store different from others?
    Our store is different because of the high standard of servicing and repairs that we can provide to customers. It is an excellent location with good access for customers.   
  3. Where is the best/favourite location you’ve ever cycled?
  4. What about the VOLT™ brand and range led you to stock them?
    We have been looking for a good value and dependable electric bike, and the VOLT™ range meets this very well. 
  5. What is your top tip for anyone looking to buy an electric bike? (Aside from speaking to your friendly staff of course!)
    Choose your bike and try it. You will be unable to leave the shop without it.