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The CycleStore storefront in North London

For our Dealer Spotlight, we’re welcoming our newest stockist to join our range of sellers: The CycleStore!

Located right in North London, the shop is owner Ash’s latest venture after 25 years of working in the cycling industry. With his quarter-century of experience and plenty of friendly service to go along with it, we’re thrilled to have them join the VOLT™ family.

Check out their favourite cycling location, their strangest customer request and more:

What motivated you to open/run a bicycle shop?
I had worked for other shops for 25 years. The present shop was 2 minutes from my house, so I thought: Why not give it a go!

What sets your store apart from others?
Being a small shop, offering friendlier service and having a HUGE attention to detail set us apart. We are also great with dealing with special requests!

Where is the best/favourite location you’ve ever cycled?
Before I got ill from a stroke, I loved cycling the quieter lanes in Hertfordshire.

What is the funniest/strangest request you’ve ever had from a customer?
The strangest request was from an elderly lady who wanted a tricycle with a huge basket on the rear for her Alsatian dog!

What about the VOLT™ brand range led you to stock them?
Not knowing the brand initially, I did extensive research and they appeared to be very reliable and good value for money. Reviews of the company are also good.


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