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A1 Braintree team in front of their shop
Located in the heart of Braintree, this friendly and enthusiastic team are our primary e-bike dealer for Essex.
The A1 Braintree team are made up of Gary “The Oracle”, Mike “The Geek”, Joe H “The Engineer” and Tom H “The Tech”, who together are the secret behind the success of this popular independent high street store.

Trading for over 50 years, they attribute their success to their unique take on retail,  always seeking to improve their offerings and services. From informative YouTube videos to playfully hilarious ones.
A1 Braintree demonstrates the VOLT Metro e-bike in a YouTube video
A1 Braintree YouTube video
A1 truly loves and takes great pride in their work.  Their willingness to embrace new media and light-hearted nature is the reason we have decided to feature them in this month’s Dealer Spotlight. Look no further than their 5-star customer reviews for evidence that this is a top-notch retailer.
1.       What motivated you to open/run a bicycle shop? 
We’ve been a cycle shop since opening our doors over 50 years ago in 1965, it is our heritage and what we know best.
2.       What makes your store different from others? 
Our team isn’t just limited to cycles, across our years in retail we’ve each worked in different industries. We’ve fixed all manner of vehicles and helped with the most enduring projects/builds.  We are here to help, whether that means helping new visitors find their way around town, to inflating pushchair tyres for mothers in need.  The smallest favour is as satisfying as the biggest sale.
3.       Where is the best/favourite location you’ve ever cycled?
Gary – London to Brighton
Tom – Tregaron, Wales 
Joe – Great Yarmouth Coast
Mike – Anywhere with a cake shop
4.       What is the funniest/strangest request you’ve ever had from a customer?
Across the years we’ve had customers ask for; BBQ Charcoal, Milk, and even shoelaces!
5.       What about the VOLT™ brand and range led you to stock them?  
A customer of ours bought a bike direct through VOLT, we were impressed that they nominated a local bike shop to set up the bike to a safe PDI standard. Upon taking delivery of the bike we fell in love with the quality and attention to detail that VOLT have given their bikes.
6.       What is your favourite VOLT™ e-bike and why?
We’re men, so we all love the biggest and best, the Bigfoot (and surprisingly how light it is). But for a daily ride, it’s got to be the Pulse for practicality. 
7.       What is your top tip for anyone looking to buy an electric bike? (Aside from speaking to your friendly staff of course!)
Have a test ride, we can talk motors and specifications until we are blue in the face, but ultimately the best way to understand an electric bike is go for a test ride! 
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