10 Myth Busting facts about Electric Bikes

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e-bike myths vs facts

Let’s set the record straight

As electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, it is inevitable that some myths and misconceptions will arise. In this post we try and set the record straight on a number of myths we hear day to day… 

1. You need a driver’s license

Even though the cycles are fitted with a battery and a motor, the motorised assistance is restricted to 15.5mph. This means the bike is still classed as a bicycle and does not require a driver’s license

2. You have to find a specialist for services & repairs

We’ve put a considerable amount of research, energy and funding into the make-up of our bikes to ensure they can be serviced and repaired by any local cycle shop. Not only do we offer full training and instruction to our 70+ UK dealers, our London HQ is able to dispatch any parts needed within 24 hours.

3. You can’t go very far

Our state-of-the-art batteries deliver high performance to all riders. There are several sizes of batteries in our range, the smallest offering is a battery that provides 40+ miles on one charge (when used in PAS / pedal assist mode).  The largest battery provides 80+ miles in PAS mode, but you can continue to cycle without battery assistance, making your journey options limitless.

4. You can’t ride them in the rain

Being based in the UK, meant we had to consider the infamous British weather when designing our e-bikes. All the electric components are weather proof sealed and means you can still enjoy cycling in the english rain!

5. E-bikes aren’t safe

While some DIY electric bike conversions may offer inconsistent  results, our cycles go through rigorous and stringent testing. The bikes are built to EU standards and regulations. The extra maneuverability offered by the pedal assist also makes it easier to avoid hazards.

6. Electric Bikes are expensive

VOLT™ were one of the first British brands to offer high quality, stylish e-bikes at affordable prices. Every model is fitted with only the best components  and parts. We want to share the joy of riding our bikes with everyone, which is why we also offer 0% finance to our customers.

7. They’re for cheats

The great thing about electric bikes is that it encourages more people to get active. A good deal of our customers would not have even considered cycling had it not been for the support our specialist motors offer. The electric support removes those psychological hurdles that may put people off heading out on their bikes.

8. The bikes are outdated as quickly as they are bought

We are in the midst of the digital revolution, where we’re used to seeing products upgraded almost as soon as they hit the shelves. Over the last few years we have seen the electric bike market make some significant advances in the technology used.

As a leading manufacturer, we’re always striving to stay two steps ahead of the competition.  This means when you buy a VOLT™ you are buying into the future. Our bikes come with two years peace of mind warranty and if you treat it well you’ll be enjoying the ride for years and years to come.

9. E-bikes aren’t road legal

This myth may have come about from stories of DIY e-bikes powered beyond UK & EU stipulations.

We take great care to ensure our cycles meet all safety and road requirements set by the governing bodies. All our bikes with one exception are road legal. The Big Foot is our only off-road e-bike which is not road legal. It is powered by a particularly powerful motor that can achieve power-assist speeds of 23mph and is therefore only to be enjoyed off-road, on private land.

10. Electric bikes are the most fun you can have on two wheels

Despite extensive research we were unable to disprove this myth, so maybe there’s some truth in it!