Shimano Steps VS Spintech explained

Shimano Steps, SpinTech, hub motors, crank motors. There’s a lot of debate about e-bike drive systems, and the difference they make to your ride. To make sense of it all, we explain the ins and outs of our e-bike technology – and what it really means for you.

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Electric bikes quiz

Are you new to the world of electric bikes or a well-versed expert? Test your knowledge on our little quiz. Like anything that sees a spike in popularity, ebikes have been prone to an array of myths, misinformation and lack of clarity. Our web pixies have prepared a short, fun quiz to test how much you know and help clarify some common myths. Remember, it’s just for fun!

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Volt ebike buyer's guide

Want a new electric bike but not sure which one to get? Take the hassle out of e-bike shopping with our guide to pitting one model against another.

It’s the question we’re asked most when customers first come into our showroom: “I know I want an e-bike – but how do I know which one to buy?”. Whether they’re just joining the e-volution – or they’re an existing e-bike fan and it’s time to invest in a new model – it’s rare that people know exactly what they want when they walk through the door.

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10 Questions about ebikes

With some serious health, environmental and convenience benefits, the electric bike revolution is sweeping the UK – powered by commuters, tourists and cycling fanatics alike. Thinking of joining them? Here’s what you need to know. We answer the top ten questions customers ask when buying an electric bike.

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Myth-Busting Facts

The VOLT Pulse featuring the SpinTech motor system and VOLT Infinity featuring Shimano STEPS

If you’ve been a follower of VOLT™ over the years, you will have noticed not only the leaps in the technology of our electric bikes but also the continued diversity in our range.

In recent years you may have been aware of the introduction and increased popularity of crank-powered e-bikes. This has led to great debate and many myths surrounding rear hub versus crank motors. As one of the most experienced manufacturers and brands in the UK we thought we’d help bring clarity to this discussion…

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e-bike myths vs facts

Let’s set the record straight

As electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, it is inevitable that some myths and misconceptions will arise. In this post we try and set the record straight on a number of myths we hear day to day…  Continue reading -> “10 Myth Busting facts about Electric Bikes”

unlocked bike

I know bike security doesn’t sound like the most riveting article on the web.
We’re even going to mention words like “insurance” (* yawn! *) but I urge you to continue reading because one, having something you own stolen really does suck and two, we finish with a story of an electric bike owner who beat (not literally) a ‘wanna be’ e-bike thief!

Theft and thieves are an age-old problem. A problem that I imagine has been occurring since humans could walk! The longevity of this problem though doesn’t make it any less upsetting when something belonging to you is stolen.
The fear of theft is a daily reality wherever you live, from locking your front door to the password you protect your phones and computers with. Companies have made a tidy sum of the years from our fear of possessions being stolen. Security alarms, specialist locks and insurance policies that seem to cover anything and everything under the sun are all a result from fear of thieves.
The good news is that taking the right precautions can dramatically reduce the risk of theft. Not only this but it can also lead to significant reductions on the often rather pricey insurance policies.

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buy an electric bike poster

There are many general and personal reasons behind buying an electric bike. Whether it’s because you wish to explore new places in an easier way, you want to commute to work quicker or maybe you just really want to buy an electric bike because they are fun!

How can you benefit from buying an Electric Bike?

Ebikes are undeniably becoming increasingly popular worldwide, but particularly right here in the UK. As the British market begins to catch up with other European countries such as Germany and Holland, more and more people are beginning to see the real benefits of having an electric bike. Here are a few ways they can benefit you:

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cycling in the rain

So should we be riding our electric bikes in the rain……..?

You would think using anything electric in the rain isn’t usually the best idea but actually you can pretty much ride electric bikes in the same conditions as conventional bikes. As long as you don’t cycle through things like deep puddles, streams or submerge the electric components of your bike, you will be fine. Obviously we’re not saying that every electric bike is suitable for cycling in wet conditions but all bikes produced by VOLT™ are designed for this purpose.
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