Want to Keep Active in 2017?

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Keep that New Year’s Resolution With The Help of a VOLT E-bike

This January most of us will resolve to eat, live and exercise better. It is no coincidence that each New Year every bookshop and social network feed is stuffed with fitness and well-being publications! But while many of us commit to a new healthy regime, just as many of us will struggle to carry that momentum through to February. At VOLT™ however, we think we’ve found a way that will keep you active and motivated all through 2017. “How’s that?” you say… by having fun! 



Weight loss, staying fit and being healthy are the most popular new years resolutions, according to Statistic Brains – New Years Resolution Statistics.

Countless gym memberships are purchased in earnest each January 1st only to be later neglected in the coming months, even weeks. Don’t regret paying for an annual membership this year, do something different! A VOLT e-bike will save you not only money but time too…

With the help of the government’s Cycle to Work Scheme  making the transition to e-bike is easier and more affordable than ever.

Cycling to work not only keeps you active, it saves you money, is better for the environment and it’s fun! You can fit your daily workout into your daily routine and avoid having to motivate yourself to go to the gym before or after work.

If the thought of cycling to work seems intimidating and hard, don’t worry! With an E-bike, it is a totally different experience and a welcomed alternative to being cramped on public transport.  

London Tube Strikes commuters stuck at station

Cycling on a traditional bicycle can be hard work but with a pedal assisted bike most of the issues your average cyclist encounters can be avoided.

One of the beauties of a VOLT™ electric bike is that you can decide how much effort you want to put into your commute. If you’re energised, well rested and you want to hit the ground running you don’t have to engage the motor at all. You can cycle the bike just like any normal bicycle but for those days that require a little extra help you can lean on the motor to help you power through the tough days. Those days that would otherwise begin the process of abandoning your new years resolutions, be it due to bad weather, a sleepless night or a ridiculously early start.

Coming good on a New Year’s resolution is no simple task and can often prove to be very elusive but there are two keys to success in 2017… preparation, support and having fun!


“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”
You may have heard this before, but it’s true. Being prepared means you can overcome obstacles easier and keep motivated.

Take a moment to check that your bike is in good working order before you begin your ride. Also check that the battery is charged the night before. 

All electronic components on our VOLT™ bikes are “maintenance free” meaning that any local bike shop can perform required maintenance. If you’re confident enough you can always do it yourself as all the mechanical components are identical to those on any normal bicycle.

Cyclists on streets of London


Telling someone about a resolution can help keep you motivated when that infamous snooze button becomes all too tempting. They will provide you with support, keep you focused on your goal’s and hold you accountable on the days where your resolve is wavering.  Ideally, you should grab a mate, spouse or colleague and get them to join you in your new endeavour. Adding a social factor will help keep you going and make your new active life more fun!

Cycling around the city on VOLT bikes

Having Fun

This is key to being successful. If you are not enjoying yourself you wont stick with any changes. An electric bike if nothing else, is a lot of fun! 

Enjoy the freedom that comes with hopping on and off an e-bike at your own convenience. Whizz past people waiting for a bus or drivers stuck in traffic and absorb the rush of endorphin’s provided by cardiovascular exercise. Look forward to your journey home, beating the traffic and crammed public transport.

Your E-bike is not just a means of getting to work and back, the opportunities to exercise while having fun are endless. See the great outdoors like never before! 

The true secret to achieving your health and fitness goals is to make it a lifestyle. Enjoying yourself on a VOLT™ bike could be the first step towards a great 2017.