BikeBiz’s Bike Brand of the Year 2017

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Just before the New Year we got a call from BikeBiz one of the most highly regarded names in the bike industry. We were honoured to be nominated for not one but three categories in the Ninth Annual BikeBiz Awards 2017. Included in those categories was the prestigious Bike Brand of the Year.

There are a number of reasons we are particularly proud to be nominated specifically for the Bike Brand of the Year Award. Firstly, for an e-bike brand such as ourselves to be nominated alongside such famed and established push-bike brands, shows just how far our electric bikes have come. It also marks a general acceptance of pedal-assisted bikes into the biking industry. This is not only fantastic for the electric bike industry but for cycling as a whole.

VOLT™ are passionate about getting more people out and enjoying a more active life on two wheels. We strive to achieve this by being a brand synonymous with style, quality, performance and value for money.

The real measure of our success is in the feedback from  VOLT™ customers. We love hearing all the stories from our riders. From someone who has simply decided to cycle to work to people who are recovering from something more serious and find an e-bike helps keep them on the road to recovery. It’s all the motivation we need to propel VOLT™ even further and cement our place as a premium bike Brand. As for awards and award nominations, those are the icing on the cake!

Demonstrating the Shimano STEPS e-bike

This is an exciting time to be a cyclist and for those who are not yet completely sold on the prospect if there was ever a time to get on board, it’s now. With continued public transport fare rises (and all the other issues that go along with it!), the many benefits of investing in an e-bike are enormous.

Right now cycling is at the forefront of many councils’ and governments’ agendas across the UK, making it one of the best times to consider getting outdoors on two wheels. There are even venues that offer significant entry discounts when you cycle there!

Add the electric factor and cycling to your destination has literally never been this easy or more convenient. VOLT™ were one of the first British brands to recognise the potential for ebikes and even founded the hashtag #eBikeRevolution back in 2008! Fast forward to 2017 and that revolution is bigger than ever, with no signs of slowing down!