A Dog Festival, A Barge of Cheese and a Step-Through Electric Bike…

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Volt Burlington in the park

What do cheese barges, dog festivals and the all-new Volt Burlington have in common? They’ve all made the “hot list” for June in Town and Country Magazine!

With the new and updated Burlington hitting the bike shops and rolling out across the UK’s cycle paths this Summer; our ever-popular Burlington has caught the eye of style mag, Town and Country. 

In an eclectic, yet carefully curated article titled  ‘What to see, do, eat and buy in June’ Town and Country take the reader on a merry tour of high-end food, luxury car rentals and a festival for pooches called “Dogstival”!

perfect for whizzing around town in warmer weather, so you arrive at your destination in good time and without breaking a sweat, no matter how steep the hills.

The Burlington has always proved popular with a range of different rider types. Thanks to its classic step-through design and powerful, yet sophisticated SpinTech™ technology. These signature elements have also been carried through into the new design. Only now, that low-step frame looks even slicker, sporting a seamlessly integrated, removable battery that delivers the same long distances and powerful performance of its predecessor. In T&C’s own words it’s an “incredible design”.

For more information about the Burlington or any of our other ebikes, give us a call on 0207 378 4728 or view our range here. You can find the full T&C article here.

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