“A Revolutionary Take On Cycling” says XEL Magazine

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Volt Axis XEL Magazine Review

XEL begin the New Year in search of new ways to improve health and well being. Naturally, in doing so they came across our e-bikes and hear’s what they had to say…

“VOLT’s trendy and modern way of cycling may get you motivated to achieve your 2019 goals.”

XEL Magazine is a business-luxury magazine dedicated to recognising creative success in the 21st century. We were thrilled when they ran a feature on us.

“The latest e-bike has took to the streets, revolutionising cycling in style.”

This well written, three minute read covers everything you need know to about VOLT™ electric bikes. 

“We can see why it is proclaimed to be the best e-bike in the city, with a modern spin on its design and engineered for optimised cycling with its SpinTech 36V battery.”

You can read the full article (Introducing VOLT, a revolutionary take on cycling) here.

Have you made a resolution to be more active in 2019? If you are interested, we have open days coming up at our London base where you can try out the range for free. 

However, if you can’t make those dates, we can arrange a test ride at your own convenience