“Electric bikes are clearly the future” says Absolutely London

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We were thrilled that Absolutely London’s Pendle Harte tried out our Volt Kensington and decided “electric bikes are clearly the future” – and we couldn’t agree more. Commuting by bike in London is getting better all the time, as London invests more and more into its cycling infrastructure. The article highlights that there are “more people on bikes in London than ever in living memory”, and we believe this is a direct result of people wishing to choose a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle with the added convenience of avoiding congestion.  

Our favourite part of the article is when the author points out that whilst riding our ebike, she repeatedly beats everyone off the lights – much to the evident surprise of all the usual lycra-clad commuters who had positioned themselves strategically in front of her with the assumption she’d be blocking their path: 

Pulling away at the lights, it is me who overtakes them all: the streamlined lycra brigade on their road bikes, the Bromptons with their tiny wheels, the part-timers on their badly maintained Boris bikes.

As she points out, the main challenges of cycling aren’t transporting things “shopping, general luggage, and even toddlers can be easily accommodated by baskets and racks” – it’s actually the weather and distances which are the two main barriers. The weather is just one of those things, and a quick search on the internet reveals that for more than 70% of the year it isn’t even raining in London!  So that leaves us with distance, and as Harte points out, “the best way to deal with longer journeys is to give yourself a bit of an electric boost”. 

From a health perspective, Harte also highlights that studies now show riding an ebike burns as much as 80% of the energy as a conventional cycle –  so as she says: “this isn’t even really a lazy option”.

“The future of cycling in London is probably electric”  by adding an electric motor and rechargeable battery to a bike, you can travel around the city without breaking a sweat, and at the same time benefit from all the advantages a regular bicycle delivers – health, fitness and positive carbon footprint. 

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