Another Volt Headline in Milton Keynes Citizen

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MK Citizen Interview

Last year local newspaper and website MK Citizen featured our new e-bike factory warehouse. We’re thrilled to feature again as the Milton Keynes publisher of forty years picks up on the growing popularity of e-bikes with the headline:

…Volt rides on the crest of success as e-bike popularity soars…

Citing the many benefits of power-assisted cycling in a post-pandemic world, journalist Sally Murrer shares her observations on the local and national impact Volt have brought with their investment to the area.

She even picked up on the recent appearance of the Volt Kensington on Eastenders

Volt bikes have proved so popular that one model, the Kensington, even featured on BBC’s EastEnders.

Check out the full MK Citizen article here. You can also view more on their previous factory feature here.