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Volt Burlington

Nearly halfway into 2024 and the accolades are still coming! The latest honour is a feature in the Telegraph’s top ten electric bikes…  

VOLT Burlington Featuring in Telegraph’s Best E-Bikes List

Our ever-popular step-through ebike has recently been highlighted in a new top 10 list.

The Telegraph’s comprehensive review by expert Ed Wiseman highlights our classic Dutch-style Burlington, standing out as a top choice and receiving a rating of 8/10.

In this “Best” Guide, Ed delves into the growing popularity of power assisted bicycles and citing their potential to revolutionise urban transportation. As a seasoned writer and reviewer with a decade of experience in transport journalism, emphasised the environmental benefits and sheer enjoyment of riding them.

More recently there has been an increasing trend of electric cycles over traditional bicycles. Chris Bennett, head of behaviour and engagement at Active Travel group Sustrans, noted that people with e-bikes tend to use them more frequently, which is likely due to their accessibility and fun factor. Officially identified as a Brit spending habit they are beneficial in terms of long-term cost-effectiveness, minimal running costs and easy maintenance.

Choosing an E-bike

When it comes to choosing, several factors should be considered, including build quality, performance, and suitability for the individual. Wiseman advises against opting for cheap or unknown brands, emphasising the importance of reliability and customer support. Additionally, it recommended focusing on reputable retailers and aiming for models priced at £1,500 or above for optimal, long-term value.

The Burlington

VOLT takes pride in offering high-quality ebikes, hand-built in Milton Keynes. Our Burlington model, in particular, caught the attention of the expert reviewer for its classic design, solid construction, and smooth ride experience. With features like a step-through frame, Dutch-style handlebars, and a range of up to 60 miles, it combines functionality with timeless aesthetics as well as advanced security features, including a key fob start system and integrated locks for added peace of mind. Its understated design ensures that riders can enjoy the benefits of riding without compromising on style.

At VOLT, we are committed to delivering top-notch electric bicycles that cater to diverse needs and preferences. We’re grateful for this latest recognition from The Telegraph which helps keep us motivated pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. 

You can explore the full review “The 10 best electric bikes in 2024, tried and tested by an expert” on the Telegraph website here.