The “Impressive” VOLT™ Bigfoot by Countryside Magazine

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Countryside Magazine is one of the biggest rural magazines in Britain. It aims to celebrate everything that our bountiful and gorgeous countryside has to offer. At VOLT™ we’ve always taken pride in offering a range of ebikes for every type of terrain. As for the Countryside? Well, they don’t get much tougher than the Bigfoot!  Journalist Malcolm Bates got to try out this fat tyre electric bike in their latest issue…

“The name gives you a clue as to where the designer was coming from- muddy fields and rocky tracks mostly, judging by those wide tyres”

The Bigfoot is an all or nothing bike and it wants you to go big or go home! Adrenaline junkies aside, this unique electric bike could offer an exciting alternative for farmers and rural workers. Bates later stated the electric bike as “impressive” in regards to its traction and performance. Ultimately, his verdict was:

‘The light ground pressure makes it ideal for going into fields to check on your animals, or taking an evening tour around after work, before heading off down the pub-without worrying if you’ll have enough energy to get back home again!’

To see the review in its entirety then you can subscribe to Countryside Magazine. If you want to know more about this monster e-bike or if you are interested in taking it out for a test ride, all you have to do is get in touch

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