Mayor of Bristol Completes Volt E-bike Challenge

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Marvin Rees on Volt Bike

Recently the Mayor of Bristol took up a challenge where he had to ride a Volt e-bike to as many of his engagements as possible. We are pleased to say that he passed this challenge with flying colours, having cycled to and from work every day, as well as to all of his engagements in Bristol, except for one.

The challenge was set up by Volt to raise awareness of how electric bikes can offer a more active and sustainable commute to work around Bristol.   

“ I hope that by taking part in this challenge I have inspired others to discover the benefits of active travel for themselves. ” – Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

Bristol was honoured with the title ‘First Cycling City‘ back in 2008 when they invested more than £23 million in the city’s cycling infrastructure. Bristol now has more cyclists cycling to work than Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle and Liverpool combined! 

Even though Bristol has invested in improving the city’s cycling infrastructure, there is still work to be done. Volt co-founder Lyle states “ nearly three-quarters of the UK population still never cycle. Our aim is to change the way people view cycling, by making it as accessible and inclusive as possible. That’s why we are engaging with mayors across the country to lead by example, by getting on an e-bike themselves and showcasing the enjoyment and feasibility of active travel”.   

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