Cheating or a Revelation? Huffington Post Tests the VOLT™ Infinity LS

BLOG   press   Cheating or a Revelation? Huffington Post Tests the VOLT™ Infinity LS

HuffPost UK Journalist Amy Packham test rides in the VOLT Pulse LS in LondonIt’s a classic dilemma for many bike enthusiasts, but could well-seasoned cyclist and Huffington Post journalist Amy Packham get past her preconceptions about riding an e-bike? Yes, she could!

“When I tell friends that I’m about to trialling an e-bike, I get the same reply from pretty much everyone: ‘Isn’t that just cheating?’”

Conflicted, she took to Twitter—and it wasn’t long before she began to understand the intrigue.

“I realised quickly that e-bikes are vital for so many cyclists. ‘I do over 35 miles for work and couldn’t do it without my e-bike,’ one person tells me. Another says she has many health issues and couldn’t cycle without one. ‘I have no guilt at all, they changed my life,’ she reveals.

“Another woman, who has arthritis in both knees, tells me without an e-bike, she would’ve given up cycling years ago – ‘My only regret is not buying one sooner,’ she says.”

As she traversed her hilly neighbourhood on our VOLT™ Infinity LS, Amy quickly saw the advantages for herself. Five power assistance settings proved tempting on the steeper inclines.

“Once I get moving with the assisted pedalling, I’m reminded of when I was a child and my dad would push me up a hill on my bike – imagine that feeling but instead feeling as if you’re being towed from the front: that’s an electric bike.”

She soon found she was able to travel from point A to point B much more quickly than she would on her traditional bike.

“I realise the true benefits of an e-bike when I use it to get me to a destination when I’m in a rush. Rather than a leisurely cycle, my bike is the quickest way to get there. I put assistance on when I need and make it without breaking a huge sweat – instead of shame, I feel pride.”

“I manage to beat the tiredness from hills and get home safe and sound, quickly and easily,” she added. “Dreamy.”

Read the full article here. Then, book a test ride to test out the Infinity LS for yourself.

HuffPost UK's Amy Packham tests out the VOLT Pulse LS and learns the benefits of e-bikes