City A.M. Reviews the 2018 VOLT™ Pulse

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A cyclist commuting on his VOLT Pulse e-bike for City A.M.

The VOLT™ Pulse our flagship hybrid e-bike has come a long way since its inception in 2008. In order to test out the latest version, we handed the bike over to City A.M.’s certified e-bike expert.

Steve Hogarty is a self-confessed connoisseur of electric bikes. Having reviewed our brand new VOLT™ Infinity at the start of the year, it made sense he would be the one to test out the Pulse as well.

Steve put the Panasonic battery to the test by riding continuously in the top gear on the bikes Shimano 8 Speed ALIVIO derailleur gears. Essentially putting all of the strain of getting up to cruising speed on the bikes 250 watt SpinTech™ motor.

Even when asking so much of the motor, the Pulse swallowed up my 12-mile round-trip commute with barely a notch taken out of the battery. It’ll manage more than 60 miles if you ride it like a saint.” – Steve Hogarty

The Dutch-style frame lock on the rear wheel of the bike coupled with the fact that the battery is locked in securely means the bike is easy to keep safe. A feature that city riders take very seriously. In Steves words, it’s less likely to be stolen than nearly every other bike he’s tested, and that’s a fair few.

The Pulse is a joy to ride on London roads. Ding, ding.” 

The VOLT™ Pulse scored an excellent 4/5 stars from City A.M.  From the suspension forks, kevlar reinforced puncture resistant tires to the thumb throttle the hybrid ebike is perfect for city riding. 


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