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The VOLT Metro parked in front of London's Tower Bridge for COACH

Keeping in line with the “Do Something” mantra at Coach website editor, Jonathan Shannon tried out our latest VOLT™ Metro folding e-bike….

 “It’s ideal for cycling busy roads in central London because of the extra control added by the thumb throttle; the fact it folds up means it can be tucked away more easily in my house at night; and the fat, spongy seat and fork suspension made for a smooth ride over the potholes that pockmark the streets of the capital.

Add to that the usual e-bike advantages of cycling uphill, or anywhere, without breaking a sweat and the relatively low price of £1,299 (relative for e-bikes) and it makes for a compelling package.”Coach 

The ability to fold up the Metro and store it is ideal for people who keep the bike indoors and when keeping it outdoors the frame lock on the back wheel means no one can ride your bike away. Coupled with the chain lock that fits conveniently into the Dutch style Abus lock will provide you with a gold standard rating for the insurance companies along with giving you peace of mind.

“It’s a really smart piece of design that saved me lugging heavy locks around in my backpack, although I could always have strapped a bag to the pannier rack. The battery is also locked into the frame so you don’t have to take it with you each time you park in a public area.”

“If you live in or around a city centre in a small abode, and are looking for an easy, mildly active way into work you’d be well served to take the Volt Metro for a spin – especially if you have to tackle hills to get to and from your job.”                  – Jonathan Shannon, Coach 

The VOLT™ Metro is available in White & Black with the option for a standard battery offering 40+ mile range or a large battery that will get you up to 60+ miles.

We have over 100 distributors across the UK so wherever you live simply book a test ride and try out the Metro for yourself!

You can read the full review here.