eBike Class Names the VOLT™ Pulse One of the Best Electric Bikes

Specialist magazine Ebike Class looks at the Pulse and names it as one of the best electric bikes. A great accreditation from a well respected publication.

VOLT Pulse in front of Tower Bridge in London

VOLT Pulse e-bike in front of the iconic Tower Bridge in London

Deeming it “top of the class” for its high-spec features and excellent value, eBike Class named the VOLT™ Pulse one of the best electric bikes for men in their Best Electric Bike Awards!

The bike’s impressive range, as well as plenty of extra perks, were enough for the reviewers to be sold on our flagship hybrid model.

In terms of value for money, at £1,500 you are getting a solid, reputable eBike with plenty of extras and a very good battery capacity,” they raved.

Don’t forget to value these in the price when comparing against other ebikes, because if you want these extras you could easily spend another £150 adding them to another electric bike without them.”

With its front suspension, lightweight aluminium frame and top-notch performance in both town and country, it’s easy to see why the model is a favourite amongst the site’s resident pedelec experts.

Read their full review here. Then, book a test ride and try it out for yourself.