Forbes Magazine Meets The VOLT™ Infinity

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VOLT Infinity in front of Tower Bridge in London

“The VOLT™ Infinity is one of the most high-tech bikes you can sit your butt on right now.”

– Forbes Magazine

“One of the first times I rode an electric bicycle, I had “see you later Granddad” shouted at me from a Lycra-clad cyclist.” – Lee Bell 

Things have certainly come along way since then in the e-bike market. Electric bikes are no longer exclusively for the older generations. They are now super hi-tech bits of kit that early adopters are swooning over.

Case in point, the VOLT™ Infinity…..

“Equipped with the Shimano STEPS crank drive, Shimano Alfine 11 speed DI-2 internal hub electronic gearing, the VOLT™ Infinity provides extremely smooth gear changes at the touch of a button, making the Infinity one of the most highly spec’d electric bikes on the market.”

The Infinity “positively brimming with technology” was recently reviewed by one of the tech journalists at Forbes Magazine


 The sleek frame design of the Infinity gives it an elegant look. The hi-tech display that controls the integrated lights allows for the motor to be turned on with the press of a button, ensuring this is a ride like no other.

“If you’re looking for the most tech savvy bike in town, this is it.” 


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