Institution of Engineering & Technology Predicts Big Impact of E-bikes on Society

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E&T Magazine Interviews James Metcalfe

The IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) has a long history and a big reputation. So it was with great interest we read Tim Fryer’s experience with our new 2020 Volt Connect.

Here Tim Fryer reflects on how electric bikes have, do and continue to impact not just on commuters but on wider society. Quoting from figures collated by Halfords, Tim Fryer shares that the anticipated sales of 50-60,000 electric bikes in 2019. He continued claiming that pedal-assisted cycles represented…

around a fifth of all bikes sold, and this figure is sharply on the rise with predicted growth of 30 percent next year.”

The reviewer goes on to identify two key questions for anyone considering an e-bike… 

What’s it like to cycle without any power?’, and ‘What’s the range of the battery?

As he continued to put the Connect through its paces it was pleasing to read an industry specialist call the Connect “an efficient bit of engineering”. 

The article also quotes Volt director James Metcalfe several times on several topics. This was genuinely a great piece of writing not just on the appraisal of our new Volt Connect but on the state the electric bike industry past, present and future and is well worth your attention…

You can read the full article here:

E&T Magazine Interviews James Metcalfe

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