Independent finds that the Metro has a lot going for it

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Independent Metro Review

The Independent’s Sean O’Grady seems more comfortable around enormous cars, but for a few days he parked his fuel guzzlers and tried out the Volt Metro. Like many, Sean was a little sceptical at first but also like many he ended up having “enormous fun“!

Having hardly ridden a bike over the last 30 years, he soon found out the advantages of an e-bike over a pushbike.

“The difference is that the electric boost means that you can get further, faster than you would if you were relying on your poor old legs.“
Part of Sean’s nervousness around two-wheeled transportation are his concerns over road safety. So it was great to read how he found using an electric bike a “safer way to cycle“. He added that the boost from the Metro’s pedal assist helps you move along with traffic “much more smoothly”.

The Metro is a versatile foldable e-bike that offers an easy and convenient riding experience. Whether out on the busy city streets or along quiet country lanes, people just love it. It’s one of our best selling models and the reviews speak for themselves.

To read the full article, please head to The Independent website.

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