Kensington Classic E-bike in Country & Town House V-Day Gift Guide

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Volt Kensington at Rebel, Rebel

Just as you thought it was safe to forget about greeting cards and gestures of affection for a while, February arrives, with cupid on double espressos! 

Yes, merely weeks after that panic-stricken, last-minute Christmas shopping dash, comes a fresh opportunity to “prove” your love and understanding to that someone special! And if the thought of finding yet another perfect gift, leaves you feeling anxious, stressed and crying into your coffee, you are not alone!

Luckily, the Country and Town House website have got your back with a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022 article. No less than eighty-two unique and original products feature in this extensive and varied list, with something for every buyer and budget. 

From Valentine’s dough bites and personalised wine subscriptions to mood cufflink sets and ‘Full English’ boxer shorts; and without a whiff of Ms Paltrow’s product line, if you’re looking for something original, this is the list for you!

And as you swipe right through this list of marvels and wonders, you might just recognise photo number 7 of 82, as it features the Volt Kensington Electric Bicycle. Of course, when you’re looking to gift someone an e-bike you want to be sure they’re keeper, but if you are lucky enough to have found the one, an electric bike really is a gift that keeps on giving!

The freedom of the road, breezy and easy days out in the countryside, all at a reduced carbon footprint. And when you add up all those saved car, train and taxi journeys it isn’t just the carbon output that’s been reduced. If you haven’t found that special someone yet though, why not upgrade to a large battery ebike and widen that net!

Delivering Happiness on the Kensington Classic Electric Bicycle

The Kensington is no stranger to romance. Some of you may remember a pre-pandemic Valentine’s day when Volt teamed up with London florist Rebel, Rebel and influencer @Imiellen  using the Kensington to spread some love by delivering free flowers across the city (no sweat!). If you missed it why not check out the video we made on our ‘Electric Valentine’s Day’ post.

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