Electric Bike for deliveries: An Electric Valentine’s Day

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E-Bikes are the perfect way to ride across any city: stress-free, easy and fast travel, fun exercise, riding in style and ability to carry heavier loads than a normal bike. Practicing what we preach, this Valentine’s Volt partnered with leading London florist Rebel Rebel to deliver flowers all across London. Every hour on the hour 1 lucky person received a beautiful bouquet for free, just because we wanted to share the love!

As a London-based business, we’re passionate about this city, that’s why on the 14th February we teamed up with Hackney’s Rebel Rebel to give away ten jaw-droppingly exquisite bouquets.

To win this giveaway fans & followers were asked to nominate a loved one on our social networks. Soon #PoweredFlowers was breaking the internet as Londoners scrambled to share some free love!

Riding the stylish Volt Kensington, the fabulous @Imiellen easily delivered all the bouquets. This ebike was voted “Total Women’s Cycling” bike of the year and one of the Independent’s 10 Best Electric Bikes

This ebike has a step-through frame that makes it easy to jump on and off and a fixed front basket for items like a big bunch of flowers. The Kensington didn’t just look good, it was remarkably practical too.

You can follow the entire story here on YouTube and see the great reactions from the winners yourself. We also shared many photos and clips during the day on our Twitter and Instagram feeds.

If you are interested in trying out the Kensington then why not book your own test ride now?