“Make Your Morning Commute a Dream”: Metro Features the VOLT™ Pulse

A cyclist commutes through London on his VOLT PulseDid you catch our VOLT™ Pulse in the Metro a few weeks back?

Placed amongst the publication’s must-have items, our flagship hybrid e-bike was the go-to tech for making your “morning commute a dream.”

Its pedal assistance takes the sweat away from hilly routes, delivering a boost up to 15.5mph. Five levels of power, as well as the option to turn the motor off completely, give you as much—or as little—support as you need.

The thumb throttle placed conveniently on the handlebar also makes it easy to accelerate at junctions, giving you peace of mind on your daily journey.

With its 250W motor and plenty of mileage to go along with it, our popular ebike will make your ride to work the best part of your day.

Check out the Metro’s shout-out below. Book a test ride and take the Pulse out for a spin yourself.