Our V-Wave System to Feature at Eco Technology Show

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The UK launch of Volt Electric Bikes V-Wave the latest in Ebike technology.

The Eco Technology Show is an annual UK environmental technology conference, highlighting how embracing innovation in technology and low carbon solutions can save money and deliver genuine benefits to businesses, cities and communities.  In 2013 Volt took part in the transport zone of the annual event to showcase the new tech.


V-Wave is a unique technology that provides a smooth calculated power assistance that results in a superior riding experience. There are 5 different power levels that are controlled via an LCD computer conveniently located next to the handle grip.


Whether you are cycling on flat ground, up hill or down hill, a consistent level of output that is economical to both rider and battery is ensured. It is this sophisticated balance between motor, battery and cyclist that sets this technology apart from the competition!

For more information and full details checkout our V-Wave Technology page.