STUFF Magazine Reviews the VOLT™ Infinity

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VOLT Infinity e-bike in front of St. Paul's Cathedral

The VOLT™ Infinity with a 250W Shimano Steps motor, connected to an 11-speed Alfine hub gear, both controlled by swanky new Di2 push-button digital gear shifters “is quite a Stuff Magazine UK bike”.

Fraser Macdonald the consulting editor for Stuff Magazine borrowed the brand new Infinity to “bust some myths” about electric bikes. 

First of all, “It’s not a motorbike. If you don’t pedal it’ll stop. Nor is it about speed. Restricted by entirely sensible legislation, the motor’s power cuts out at 15.5mph – the same as with any electric pedal bike (‘pedalec’) sold in the EU.”

Fraser Macdonald

So what are the benefits of opting for an electric bike then?

Bar graph of cyclists’ heart rates on electric bikes versus on normal bikes

“We’re going to assume that an electric bike buyer is thinking about commuting because that’s what this bike is aimed at. The two graphs in the picture there compare my heart rate zones riding the same 20km-odd route from my house to the Stuff office, once on the VOLT™ electric bike, and once on my plain old analog road bike. Over the same route, with about the same ride time, the electric bike asked less of me.”  

It was not laziness that peeked Fraser’s interests, however. It was the fact that on the Infinity he could ride in his work clothes – arrive at the office, sort out his helmet hair and get straight to work. Whereas on his normal push bike Fraser had to wear specialist cycling gear, queue for a shower when he would eventually arrive at the office and not to mention the fact that he had to wake up earlier to make time for all that extra work! 

The result is a four star review for the high tech electric bike. Test ride a VOLT™ Infinity today and revamp your commute by joining the e-bike revolution!

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