The Axis Shimano-Steps Folding Electric Bike

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Volt Axis folding electric bike looks very pretty in Millennium Bridge, Central London

Our 2019 Shimano-Steps folding ebike has received another great review, this time from media giant Forbes.

Transport journalist, Carlton Reid, has been writing about bicycles for over thirty years. This latest article focuses on the best folding e-bikes available, and the Volt Axis is one of them.

The article explains that the Volt Axis has Shimano’s mid-motor drive system, which enables the bike to be equipped with electronic fully automatic gears, and a front and rear high end hydraulic braking system.

“Using the Shimano E6000 crank drive motor, the Axis also features Di2 “electronic shifting.” This makes gear changing super smooth, and it’s the sort of feature seen on high-end pro racing bicycles”

As Reid says, the gear hub comes loaded with fully-automatic gear shifting and can change at the touch of a button. All you have to do is pedal! This Shimano STEPS system is the most advanced, lightweight system around delivering up to sixty miles in one charge. You’re getting the very best e-bike tech with the Axis!

Beautiful photo of Volt Axis folding electric bike at Millennium Bridge

Reid’s entire article on Folding E-bikes has been published on the Forbes website for you to see.