The E-bike with a “Twist of Style” – Wallpaper Review

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Volt London on Greenwich tunnel

As we slowly venture into 2022, excitement over the new Volt London e-bike continues to grow. This week the latest release caught the eye of legendary design and lifestyle publication Wallpaper and we just loved some of the things they had to say…

a refined take on a classic city bicycle

Volt London Electric Bike Review by Wallpaper

Founded in the mid-nineties, Wallpaper has become a global voice, championing the best in design, fashion and lifestyle. From epic architecture to smart gadgets and gaming, this UK based publication with an international reach is consistently on the cutting edge of design and style. This week editor Dan Oliver has shared his firsthand impressions of our first new release of 2022… the Volt London. 

boasting elegant styling and superb performance

Drawing on comparisons with Vanmoof, this wonderfully constructed review takes an insightful and comprehensive look at our first single-speed electric bike. 

If you’re wondering what the London is like to ride, why not get in touch today and book a test ride. Or you could just heed the concluding words of Dan Oliver’s review… “Put simply, it’s a wonderful experience.”

Volt has always been about style backed up by uncompromising and powerful performance. So it’s thrilling to see this recognised in this latest media appearance.

You can check out the review in full on the Wallpaper* website: ‘A City Ride With a Twist of Style’ or download ebike article PDF: