Expert Reviews Names The Metro as The Best 2017 Folding Electric Bike

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Expert Reviews logoAs electric bikes continue to grow in popularity we have never been more spoilt for choice. To help you decide what is the right bike for you Expert Reviews recently wrote an article to help you decide what best suits your needs and what the best choice are. “Cycle further, faster and more easily with our pick of the best electric folding, hybrid, road and mountain bikes on the market“.

Black VOLT Metro e-bike parked on the pavement

Whether you’re looking for a commuter-friendly ride, an entry-level option, or something for longer weekend rides on varying terrains, the perfect e-bike for you is out there.

The VOLT™ Metro made it onto the Expert list as the best folding commuter e-bike. Whether your commute is short 5 mile ride or a challenging 30 mile journey. The 60 mile range of the Metro gives you the freedom to take control of your commute.

The SR Suntour suspension forks and it’s agile frame make it ideal for coping with the unexpected bumps and potholes that come along with city riding. Electric bikes are revolutionizing the capabilities of cycling as not only a primary means of transport but also a very convenient one.

“A fast, reliable and sweat-free route to work, avoiding both the crush and delays of public transport and the physical demands of regular cycling.”

White VOLT Metro e-bike“Folding e-bikes excel on short city commutes, but the robust design and impressive 60-mile range of the VOLT™ Metro mean that it can handle far longer rides as well. At 21.3kg it’s heavy for a folding bike, but while that’s a downside when folding and carrying it, it’s a plus when you’re actually riding: the Volt doesn’t display the twitchiness that can make riding small bikes a slightly tense affair.

There are five levels of assistance to help you along and you can add a burst of speed with the thumb throttle, which is ideal for pulling away from traffic lights. If you don’t require such a large range, the Volt Metro is available with a smaller battery that maxes out at around 40 miles for £200 less. The Volt Metro comes with a two-year warranty covering the frame, motor and battery.”

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews features the black VOLT Metro