The Times Pick The VOLT™ Kensington as One of The Best Electric Bikes

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“I’ve got asthma and a dodgy knee and was having to cut down the distances and severity of my rides. A friend then approached me and suggested I try a motorised bike, so I spoke to my local dealer and I got into it immediately. It completely reawakened my enthusiasm to get out and do it.” – Tom Morley 

At 16 years of age, Tom Morley competed in his first cycling event. Now at 77 years of age, the small hills around his Hertfordshire home were becoming hard work. For a man who has spent a large part of his life on a bike, the idea of being forced to give up one of his favourite hobbies is unfathomable. 

Mr Morley is one many people in the U.K. who have benefited from owning an electric bike. E-bikes are ideal for anybody who wants to continue cycling but just needs a little assistance to get back out on two wheels. 

To promote the benefits of electric bikes The Times wrote an article featuring the 5 best ebikes available today. The VOLT™  Kensington with its stylish appearance and huge assisted range came in first place for the best looking ebike.

Style: VOLT™ Kensington 
It costs £1,459 and can travel 60 miles on a three-hour charge.



Read the full review here.

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