The VOLT™ Pulse “is a great piece of kit” Time & Leisure

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Time & Leisure’s Paul Critcher borrowed our VOLT™ Pulse recently for a review. While he was skeptical at first it did not take too long for the hybrid e-bike to win him over. “The more I use it, the more I’m beginning to see why you might want to use an electric bike. If you’re trying to build your fitness, have health issues, or want to cycle to work without arriving dripping in perspiration, then the Pulse will help.” 

Early on, Paul admittedly could not help but feel like he was cheating as he glided past people struggling to cycle up hills. He went as far as comparing the e-bike to a gas barbeque, as opposed to a coal one “You don’t feel the burn in quite the same way.”

There was no  doubt in his mind however that the Pulse is “a great piece  of kit.” With a 60 mile range on the Panasonic battery, a 250 watt SpinTech motor and a thumb throttle mounted conveniently on the handlebar allowing you to set off from stationary effortlessly. 

The more time he spent with the bike however, allowed him to get to grips with the 6 speed settings on the pedal assist. From zero assistance, automatic through to max power at level 4. Paul realised that “you can set up the bike to suit you. Want to push yourself? Then select a low setting. Had a long day at work and need an easy ride home or don’t fancy taking on that big hill? Then select a higher setting and/or use the thumb throttle.” 

Not only does Paul no longer feel like it’s cheating to ride an e-bike he now believes quite the opposite after getting a chance to ride one. “It’s a bit like that coal barbecue, if you only get it out once a year then perhaps gas is the way forward. This e-bike will get you cycling more often.”

“It seems I’m a convert and while I’m at it, let’s unpack the gas barbie!”

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