V3 Investigates the Phenomenon Known as the e-Bike Revolution

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V3‘s Research Editor John Leonard wasted no time getting out on the VOLT™ Metro. His usual 16 mile commute home from his central London office would be his first experience with an electric bike, something tells us it won’t be his last. 


Cyclist riding a black VOLT Metro

In just two weeks, John became “attached” to the compact folder. Having ridden to work on numerous occasions without having to “squeeze into lycra” was just one of the many benefits that the electric bike offered. 

The most promising aspect of the e-bike experience for V3’s Research Editor was that it could potentially change the way he viewed hills forever…

Towards the end of the journey the landscape begins to roll. The hills aren’t huge but they’re enough to knock the air out of your lungs. They’re not fun hills either, being marred by traffic pinch points, potholed surfaces and blind junctions, meaning you can never really get any momentum going. Some days I really hate those hills.

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This is where the VOLT™ really comes into its own. It loves the hills, eating up the rutted road surfaces and carrying you effortlessly up and away from the congestion, so effortlessly that I had to stop myself from laughing like a loon. For me, it was an epiphany.” 

John Leonard, V3

V3's review of the VOLT Metro folding e-bike

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