V3 Review: VOLT™ Pulse

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The VOLT Pulse hybrid e-bike

With its recent upgrades to its frame and technology, the VOLT™ Pulse is making massive strides to becoming the best e-bike on the market. In a recent review by John Leonard from V3, an online provider of technology news and reviews, the Pulse was awarded a 5-star rating. 

John was recommended the Pulse by a seasoned VOLT™ rider who had suffered health issues that prevented him from riding an ordinary bike. When John tested the model himself, he wasn’t disappointed.

Upon first impression, he described the Pulse as “a very nice-looking machine” that’s “beautifully finished with barely a weld in sight.” He went on to illustrate how natural the ride felt; apart from the electric motor providing a smooth supply of power to assist the rider, he said, it felt similar to riding an every day pedal bike (albeit “with Chris Froome’s legs”).

Finding it “hard to find anything to dislike about the Pulse,” John praised the model’s advanced technology that amounts to a seamless and natural riding experience.

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