VOLT Kensington 5 Star review – “I miss it already”

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Girl riding Volt Kensington Light Blue

Our Electric Bikes are generally recognised for their performance and great style. Consistently, the Kensington has been praised for just this and the latest publication to give it a glowing review is Yours Magazine.

Yours magazine is the best-selling UK fortnightly lifestyle magazine for women over the age of 40. Covering a variety of topics including celebrity, health, fashion, food and travel. They recently reviewed our Kensington ebike for their popular consumer section “Tried and Tested”, here’s what their expert reviewer said:

“First impressions when it arrived: it looked really stylish, with its pastel blue frame, leather seat and handlebars, pannier rack and front basket.”

The Kensington is built for style and has captured the approval of many. The “original” step-through classic ebike; with front basket, rear carry rack, great colour options and amazing performance. Its step through 15 or 17-inch frame also makes it incredibly accessible for cyclists regardless of their height.

“I live in the rolling countryside, rather than mountainous, but the Kensington tackled all the hills I could find with no trouble at all and I never got out of breath. It felt like good exercise for my legs, but I didn’t arrive at work, or the shops, or lunch with friends in need of a shower!”

With five pedal assist levels, you can find a power setting on this ebike that best suits you. As the reviewer for Yours says, as you grow more confident, you can try different modes and can happily switch between them when you want. The Spintech Drive system and Panasonic lithium battery means you can go anywhere without breaking a sweat.

“The Volt Kensington electric bike is a great eco-friendly option, easy and really fun to ride. I returned the test bike a couple of days ago and I miss it already.”

This review speaks for itself. The Kensington continues to capture the attention of the British news and media outlets and for good reason. You can read the Yours brilliant review on their website here now.

Yours magazine reviews Volt Kensington Light Blue