We Are Cycling UK Asks… “Why would you ride an E-bike?”

BLOG   press   We Are Cycling UK Asks… “Why would you ride an E-bike?”

Cycling UK Asks Why Would You Ride An E-Bike?The rise in popularity of e-bikes hasn’t gone unnoticed at British cycling charity, Cycling UK.  E-biking commentator, writer and champion Richard Peace tackles the question “Why would you ride an e-bike?” for the charity’s latest blog post.

DJ and music producer Fabrizia Corsi who uses a VOLT™ Pulse  (recently voted best hybrid bike T3 Magazine)  was one of several people interviewed. Each interviewee shared their own experiences on how using an ebike had improved their lives. 

There were many great things Fabrizia had to say such as: 

“I use it mainly for my work commute, I’m a professional DJ and my line of work has many different locations around London, it is unthinkable for me to rely on public transport to arrive on time. It’s also important for my free time as I use it to go to the gym, to catch up with friends and go out. I do my grocery shopping, and run my errands on it. It’s also used for general exercise as it is not heavy to pedal once it gets up to speed. In fact, I use it nearly every time I get out of the house.”

The article continues to explore different types of riders and the benefits that riding a pedelec has brought them. From a mountain biking Amputee to a local delivery worker, the examples highlighted in this post reveal the diverse benefits and appeal of electric bikes!   

You can catch the rest of the interview on Cycling UK’s website. If you want to try out the acclaimed Pulse for yourself then you can by booking a free test ride

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