What does it feel like to have bionic legs? Our brand new single speed e-bike, reviewed

BLOG   press   What does it feel like to have bionic legs? Our brand new single speed e-bike, reviewed

Volt London in Greenwich

First Ride of 2022? The Volt London in eBikeTips

Just 48 hours into 2022 and our e-bikes are sprinting out of the blocks, making headlines and turning heads!

Yes, on the 2nd January 2022, renowned electric bike reviewer/journalist/expert Richard Peace shared his experience of our brand new single speed electric bicycle, the Volt London. Peace has been a leading authority on e-bikes long before they hit the mainstream and what he doesn’t know… Well, we haven’t discovered anything he doesn’t know yet! So what would he make of our latest model for 2022?

It really does feel like you have bionic legs

Writing for eBikeTips, Peace not only takes the London through its paces, he also explores the philosophy of a single-speed cycle, its context as well as its relevance in a pedal-assisted cycle. And for anyone doubting the attention to detail and wealth of knowledge he brings to each article he writes, here’s a quote… 

It’s important to get a motor with enough low speed torque and with a suitably-sized chainwheel and rear sprocket… (as Volt has)

For many in the Volt team, the sights of single-speed bikes breezing through the back streets of London are as iconic as the Tate and Trafalgar Square. This is a bike born and developed out of a passion for enjoying the freedom of the city on two wheels. That said, it was also important that riders outside of our UK cities could enjoy this new ebike just as much as anyone else…

Most riders would probably choose to tackle moderately hilly country with an electric single speed, rather than anything ultra hilly – though my test ride proved Pennine foothills were no obstacle…

For its first outing, we’re thrilled with this really comprehensive review and really recommend giving it a full read over at https://ebiketips.road.cc/content/news/first-ride-volt-london-3521.

The London will be available to buy in the next 4-8 weeks and we can’t wait to see it out on the roads not just in the heart of our capital city but across the whole of Britain!

If you’d like to know more about this or any other model in our electric bike range why not get in touch or call one of our advisors on 020 7378 4728.