Which E-bike Tops Country & Town House’s Christmas Wish List?

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Volt Kensington in Country and Townhouse newsletter

If you’re on the Country & Town House mailing list you’d have recently been privy to the editor-in-chief’s most coveted Christmas gifts. And what should be right at the top of that list? Well, only one of Volt’s most stylish and highly sought after electric bikes! 

Titled “10 Things I Want for Christmas”, Editorial Director Lucy Cleland shares her favourite picks for gifts. From creative learning courses to luxury hot water bottles and a number one spot for the Volt Kensington Electric Bicycle

Country and Townhouse are a highly respected publication that reaches more than half a million people through their glossy magazine, entertaining podcasts and insightful newsletters. Focusing on inspiring and uplifting stories that help inform a more luxurious and sustainable lifestyle with high-quality British brands at their heart, we’re thrilled to get a nod from this greatly trusted and celebrated media outlet. 

The Buzz Lightyear of the Cycling World?! 

Indeed, the Kensington is becoming something of a seasonal sensation, making recent appearances in both the Times’ and Country Living’s Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Lists. 

There’s no need to panic just yet though because we’ve made sure we’re well prepared and stocked up in advance. And if you order before the 20th of December you’ll be wrapping up your e-bike purchase in time for Christmas! You can also view a list of all ebikes available for Xmas delivery by visiting our Special Christmas Delivery Range page. or get in touch with Santa’s reserve team on 020 7378 4728.

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