Which ebike was The Guardian reviewer tempted to buy?

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2019 is proving to be another great year for positive reviews for VOLT. This time the Pulse has received a great scoring from The Guardian, reviewed by Editor Martin Love. It’s fair to say that Love thoroughly enjoyed testing this ebike and went on to say: I liked it so much I was tempted to buy one.” .

Pointing out some of our design benefits: “both elegant and pleasant to ride”, The Guardian and Observer columnist went onto highlight the significance of Volt in the British e-bike market.

Love points out: “Today, Volt is at the forefront of the ebike business and, as far bigger firms add ebike models to their line-up, it is Volt’s pioneering bikes they are often emulating.”

As one of the first brands to bring power-assisted cycles to the forefront of mainstream cycling in the UK, it’s always great to receive recognition for being a pioneer in this industry. Our patented Spin-Tech Pedal Assist technology is at the forefront of our product success. Among many things, this technology creates a highly sophisticated pedal assist system that is effortless to operate and minimal in both noise and maintenance. The Guardian and Observer journalist certainly enjoyed it:  “The Pulse is a joy – smooth, agile and fun.”

Love also mentioned our folding electric bike as a firm favourite:
“For those who live in flats or use caravans, trailer homes or boats, the Volt folding Metro LS is a favourite.”

You can read the Guardian’s full review here for yourself. Tempted by this review? Book a free test ride and take this highly rated e-bike for a spin yourself.

You can also download it as a PDF.