WIRED Recommends Our Volt Metro

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A cyclist rides the VOLT Metro folding e-bike for WIRED

As commuters and leisure cyclists alike have begun to swap their usual mode of transport for folding e-bikes, we were elated WIRED has featured our VOLT™ Metro in their WIRED Recommends section!

After trying a fair few folding bikes, the tech publication decided to put ours to the test. They were immediately impressed with its pedal power, raving that the electric bike “makes perfect sense once you’re in the saddle.”

“Riding it is a treat, thanks to a rear-hubbed 250W SpinTech™ motor that gives electrical assistance up to 25kph with a claimed battery life of 96km,” they added.

Featuring top-of-the-line components, the Metro delivers reliable power based on your desired level of assistance. And, with its compact folding and storage, it’s the perfect vehicle for your travels.

“Suntour forks, Velo Sport comfort saddle, wide Kenda tyres and sit-up-and-beg geometry further enhance the riding experience that’s more Sunday driver than urban bus-dodger.”

The popular model makes for a smooth and fun ride, whether it’s to work or a weekend getaway.

Check out WIRED’s full review of our flagship folder, then book a test ride to experience it for yourself.