Ed Balls, E-bikes & The One Show: Helping People Keep Active in Care Homes

BLOG   video   Ed Balls, E-bikes & The One Show: Helping People Keep Active in Care Homes

Volt Burlington by the Tate Modern

2020 was the year that changed the world as we knew it and while everyone’s life was affected in some way or another, those in care homes were one of the most significantly impacted groups. 

The events over the last couple of years have brought a lot into focus and how we treat those in care has been at the forefront for many of those subsequent discussions.  

5 million viewers watch Ed Balls ride in on a Burlington E-bike during BBC’s The One Show

Volt Bikes BBC Look East video thumb


Former cabinet minister turned British broadcaster, Ed Balls took to a (Volt) E-bike last week in order to shine a light on some positive work being delivered in care homes across England. 

Appearing on the BBC’s popular weekday programme The One Show, Ed Balls presents a special feature on how cycling is bringing the outdoors in, while inspiring less-able residents in care to keep active. 

Entering into view riding a Volt Burlington E-bike, Ed reflects that while he’s never been a “fan” of the gym, riding a bike he finds “really fun”! After his proclamation of his love for being on two wheels, he reflects on how the many benefits of cycling have been relatively inaccessible to those living in care homes. 

Ed Balls on Volt Burlington

From there, the feature looks at a pioneering project by Motiview that combines indoor exercise bikes with virtual videos that move along scenic streets and roads. As part of the One Show feature, Ed visits Belong Village in Crewe to witness first-hand how this innovation is helping their residents. Ed Balls take a spin himself and can be seen (virtually) enjoying the streets of his home town (or city) Norwich. He’s then introduced to care home resident Harold. 

Harold, along with specialist fitness instructor Max, demonstrate the great benefits of the Motiview system. While Harold continues to demo his pedalling power, the team have a little surprise in store…

Using footage specially recorded from a Volt Pulse hybrid electric bike, Harold is taken on a virtual detour, back to a childhood memory. As his legs continue to motor on, Harold is taken back to Holyhead for the first time in 80 years! Sadly, since filming, Harold has passed away.

It’s a wonderful and fascinating feature, which will no doubt have moved the show’s 5 million daily viewers. You can see the full feature and episode on the BBC iPlayer until the 22nd June 2022 – https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0017pbs/the-one-show-24052022