The Perfect E-bike for the Perfect Brew

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Meeting a friend for coffee but your favourite coffee shop is on the other side of town? Trust the new Volt London Urban E-bike to get you there without a hitch. 

The London is a single-speed electric bicycle designed by City Cyclists for City Cyclists. But once you’re in the saddle you can enjoy the freedom of the open road and take it wherever you like! 

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This video of two people zig-zagging across the capital premiered at the official launch party a few days ago at our London Bridge Showroom. As the riders continue their quest for the perfect flat white, you see the types of terrain, obstacles and hazards typically encountered by commuters and urban riders day in, day out. They’re all navigated with ease thanks to the ergonomic and well-considered design of our first single-speed urban ebike. 

Their reward is a breezy journey to their favourite coffee shop, arriving sweat-free and carefree. 

Introducing the Volt London Urban E-bike

In conjunction with this video, we also released a video introduction to the key features and specifications of our newest power-assisted cycle. Check it out below or discover for yourself by arranging a free test ride at your convenience.

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